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About Us

Our vision

Our core vision at Newbright Employment Solutions is to help facilitate diversity in the workplace, a lack of which remains a common and persistent concern for employers and employees alike.


Inclusion and openness in the workplace have proven benefits, including greater company adaptability, broader service range, comprehensive customer perspective, and increased employee engagement. Diverse companies are statistically more likely to capture emerging markets in an increasingly global economy, with heightened performance and productivity. 


We understand that one of the biggest impediments to achieving diversity in the workplace is implementation; that's where Newbright Employment Solutions comes in. By seeking and providing access to a wider and more varied pool of qualified candidates through individualized talent acquisition, we provide our clients with the leading competitive edge that increased diversity ensures. 

Our process

  • At Newbright Employment  Solutions, we employ a multi-step strategy to the planning and fulfillment of your placement needs:

  • Active Comprehension:       Our trained staffers use targeted questions and active listening to fully understand your particular business and workplace culture, which is crucial to successful placement.

  • Strategic Attainment                 Based on your answers, we develop a specific recruiting and staffing solution strategy tailored to your needs that includes appropriate talent acquisition,  skill assessment,  job orientation, and  performance management.

  • Performance Assessment    Because we believe in developing lasting relationships, qualitative assessments provided by you after each placement are regularly reviewed to ensure that we are successfully meeting your staffing needs. 

Our mission

As a boutique recruitment firm, our reputation is everything. We strive to maximize our performance and clientele satisfaction with every placement  from a place of integrity, professionalism, and respect.


Because we believe that both companies and candidates mutually benefit when working towards the same goal, it is our mission to seek and match diverse emerging and existing talent with specific client needs for the perfect fit. 

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