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At Newbright Employment Solutions, our core focus is broadening diversity in the corporate environment. Here, we seek to be inclusive, rather than exclusive. We believe that promoting workplace diversity is more than a common compliance issue. It is a key factor in ensuring employee satisfaction and productivity.  Thus, our talent acquisition coordinators are interested in qualified candidates from all backgrounds with varying personal and professional experiences. We are interested in you!

We appreciate how difficult and stressful finding the right position can be. As a boutique firm, we are able to provide an individualized approach to your employment needs. We focus on matching your unique skills, experience, personality, and goals with the right employment opportunity for you.  With an understanding that job satisfaction is about more than the bottom line, our talent advocates work closely with you to develop a focused Job Search Plan tailored specifically to your needs and preferences.  We fully consider employee concerns such as honesty and respect in the workplace; work-life balance & flexibility; and company "culture"  to find the perfect employment fit for you. 

Every recruiter is held to a strict standard of professionalism and integrity.  We guarantee that you will never be pressured to attend interviews or accept positions you are not comfortable with. Your recruiter will be attentive, forthright, and accessible, providing timely and regular updates and feedback on the types of opportunities that best meet your criteria. 


Even if you are not actively seeking employment, we encourage you to browse our Current Positions page and list your contact information in our database, so that we may contact you if an exciting opportunity arises that is the perfect fit for you. 

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